Friday, 27 July 2012

Honestly, last one!

As I already told you, I'm off to Germany this morning. But I thought I'd give you a little reading list so you don't get too bored while I'm away! This isn't a definitive list of all the blogs I read, just a few to get you started. When I get back, I'll also link you to some crafty posts you might find particularly interesting. :)

Crochet with Raymond:
                                     Take a look at this one if only for the adorable cat photos!

Little Cotton Rabbits:



P.s To all you bakers out there- don't worry, that's not the only cooking blog I read! More when I get back, promise!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Flowers, Germany and Mice...

...but not in that order. I'll start with the mice. I knitted this mouse from a Jean Greenhowe pattern for one of my grandmas for Christmas- I haven't decided which one yet! It was easy to make and I enjoyed doing it. I went wrong once, but that was just my lack of attention to the pattern, not the pattern itself...

Next up is flowers. I went for a walk with my mum yesterday, round the fields near our house, and I took lots of lovely photos of flowers. Sadly, the only wildlife that stayed still long enough for a photo were two pidgeons on a roof. When I got home, all the photos of flowers made me think I should take photos of the flowers I grew for my blog- well, I did technically 'make' them!

Lastly, Germany. This is my last post for a week or so, because I'm off to Germany on Friday, and won't be back until next Thursday. See you soon!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Rock cakes and muffins- and wool

My grandma asked me to make some cakes to for a Sea Cadet fayre where she was helping to run the refreshments, so I decided (after a lot of deliberation) to make rock cakes and chocolate muffins- quick to make, and most people like them. Well, I say I decided, but I'm a rubbish decision maker, so really, mum decided for me... The photos are a bit rushed, because we got there a bit late so had to set up quickly. I think turned out well, because not one of my cakes was left at the end, and there were some very favourable comments about them!

I also had a go at spinning some wool, which was fun. It was quite hard, but really interesting to have a go at.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My first proper post- Butterfly Crossstich

This is a little cross stich I made for a work colleague's birthday. I like to give handmade things as gifts, because it shows you've thought about it and spent time over it- it often works out cheaper as well (which, on a student's budget, is a bonus...)! It was a simple chart to follow, but there was the worry that if I did mess up, it would be really obvious because the pattern wouldn't be symmetrical. Anyway, here is the finished product- I just need to work out how to get it in the keyring...
P.S Sorry if the photo quality isn't up to scratch, I'm very new to this blogging game...

Monday, 16 July 2012

Welcome to Swallow Lane!

Hello everyone and welcome to Swallow Lane! This will mainly be a blog about baking, cooking, and all things crafty, so if that's the sort of thing you like then you're in the right place. In the next few days I hope to update you with the projects I've been doing lately... so check back soon, and thanks for visiting my (at the moment) very small blog :)