Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Holiday at Home

I don't have much of an actual summer holiday this year, but luckily I had some weeks free earlier so I was able to go home. My mum and I made a LOT of stuff, and here are two things I managed to capture in a photo.

1) Ravioli, with homemade pasta as well. It was a Jamie Oliver recipe, with mozzarella, prosciutto, basil, parmesan and sundried tomatoes. It was really nice, the pasta was a bit thick but as we didn't use our pasta machine we were never going to get it paper thin. We did use the the 'oo' flour though, so we were quite authentic... Anyway, it tasted good and was filling, which are the main things I look for in a meal!

2) A dress! My mum was going to make it for me, but she suggested I make it, and I thought, why not! I want to learn more dressmaking skills, so this was a good experience. I have made clothes before, but this is the first thing I really properly made, if you know what I mean! My mum did still help me, but I actually did everything myself, right from figuring out how much fabric I needed to picking out the tacking at the end. I have received lots of compliments on it, but most importantly, I love it! I am going to make the same dress in different fabrics, so you might be seeing it again at some point...

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Simply Scrumptious Smoothie

My mum stayed over last night, and this morning when I went to the shop to get some bits for a nice breakfast (I would have got them before but it was a bit unplanned!) I went a little overboard... We couldn't decide what we wanted so I got... Everything! Meaning bacon, crumpets, oats, malt loaf and yoghurt! As I am eating freezer meals and consequently hardly buying anything, I thought I may as well! Our breakfast was two crumpets and two rashers of bacon each, then some yoghurt with the fruit loaf. It was delicious!

The yoghurt I got was Onken. mango, papaya and passionfruit. After eating a supermarket basic brand for so long it was so creamy and good! I do really like the basics one actually, but it made a nice change!

Then for lunch I made a smoothie with the yoghurt, a banana and milk. It was really nice, a light but filling lunch after a big breakfast! Plus I got to use my smoothie cup... which is just plain cool to be honest.

My next post will be about a few things I made whilst at home... check here tomorrow!

I'm Baaaaaack!

So, on my last trip home I remembered to take my camera so I could carry on posting... But I forgot the cable to connect it to the computer. And when I came back here... I forgot the camera. So home with camera and no cable, and then here with cable and no camera. But it's all back together now. I am on a placement at the moment, and I have enough meals in the freezer to last until I move (in ONE week!) so I won't be doing that much cooking, but I promise I will post what I do cook... Keep an eye!