Monday, 27 August 2012

Clarence the Christmas Postbox

Hello again! I was going to make a post about Clarence on Friday, but with going away for the Bank Holiday, I was too busy getting ready. But I hope he's worth the wait! My mum suggested that I make him after she made 'Jolly Mr Jingles', who is a Jean Greenhowe Christmas clown- Clarence is his 'buddy'. I get on well with Jean Greenhowe patterns, so I couldn't see a reason not to! Here he is in various stages of completion. I'll be sure to post a photo of him when he's finished, along with Jolly Mr Jingles! :)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Let Me Eat Cake!

As you know, I made an Anglo-Italian trifle for our Italian meal on Sunday. It completely lived up to expectations (and then some), as it was absolutely delicious. There was even some left over, which only lasted until Monday...

Continuing with the baking theme, I made Delia Smith's Dundee Cake yesterday, for when we go away over bank holiday weekend. It was quite annoying to open the book and find out that it tastes better when kept for a week, but never mind. If it tastes as good as it smelt when it was cooking, I have nothing to worry about. We can't wait to try it- my mum has actualy asked that I hide it, so that it lasts until the weekend!
My little blog has been going for a few weeks now, and I just wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to look at it- and to tell you to stick with it, because I have more posts lined up for the next few days...

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Tomorrow, my grandma is coming round for tea, and we're making Italian. For dessert, we're going to make Nigella Lawson's Anglo-Italian trifle, which requires blackberries. As we live right next to, quite literally, a TON of blackberry bushes, we thought we'd pick our own. Tomorrw I'll post a photo of the actual trifle... If it doesn't get eaten too quickly!
The blackberries a few weeks ago.
Now, imagine this multiplied by about one hundred...

Mum with the products of our blackberrying!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ravenous for Rhubarb

A few days ago we were given some rhubarb by my grandma (yay, I absolutely LOVE rhubarb), and my mum and I decided to make the Rachel Allen rhubarb muffins. We've made them before and they were delicious, so I couldn't wait to make them again! However, when I started the recipe I realised we didn't have any buttermilk. So I had to make my own. Which I've never done before. You're supposed to leave it overnight, but I put it straight in and said a little prayer as the muffins went in the oven. They look okay, but I think it's time for a taste test...
Look, I even managed to remember to take a photo on my phone!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Cakes and Cards

It's my grandma and grandpa's wedding anniversary today, and in my usual style, I made them a present. This time it's not a 'craft project', it's cakes! I did half quantities of two recipes- Nigella Lawson fairy cakes, and a plain bun recipe which I added raisins too (we had no currants :( ) Even the strawberry jam is homemade, courtesy of my mum and I. I know I could have done something more complicated, but sometimes it's the simple pleasures, right?


I also made them a card. Well, I actually made two, but one is for my mum and dad to give to them. It was nice to be able to spend time making them, as when I was working for my A-Levels I didn't have a lot of time for this sort of thing!

P.s. Once again, sorry for the poor photo quality, my camera isn't that brilliant...


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Eeyore and Custard Cream Hearts- Or Not...

Hello! The camera cable has magically returned, so I can show you the Eeyore cross stich I finished a few days ago, and some custard cream heart biscuits I made yesterday. Well, I would show you a photo of the biscuits, but I forgot to take a photo. I'll just have to make some more- shame!

Anyway, here's an Eeyore bookmark I made for a friend's birthday. She's absolutely mad about Eeyore, so I think she'll really like it. I actually started it in Germany, but didn't get much chance to do any, hence why I only finished a few days ago. It was pretty easy, especially when you've been cross stitching as long as I have (wow, I sound so old there!).

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Unfinished Business...

I'm afraid I don't have anything finished to show you. Having been away for the past six days, I've not had much time for crafting or baking. But, as I write this, I remember that I baked some Nigella Lawson Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies yesterday. I also remember that the USB lead for the camera has gone astray. So I can't show you any lovely photos anyway! But no need to worry, there is a point to this post- a (probably) comprehensive list of blogs I read. If I've missed any, I'll update you later!

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