Saturday, 9 November 2013

Beefy Bundles

I have a confession to make. I know that I always say that I try the original recipe before I change things... well today I broke that rule. I FINALLY made the beef stew that I have been wanting for ages, and it is supposed to have butternut squash in it. But I used pumpkin! While they are still around in the shops I thought I would give it a go. I have seen it on a few recipes that use pumpkin that if you can't get pumpkin, then to use butternut squash. But I have to say, I don't think they are quite the same... pumkin is much less sweet, and has softer flesh. I would definitely like to try this stew with butternut squash in, as I think it would go very nicely with the beef.

Although this takes a few hours to cook, you can just leave it be. The only thing you have to do is stir after two hours, then give it another 30-60 minutes; just until the meat is tender. There is quite a lot of chopping to do beforehand, but it is the kind of recipe that is perfect for a long weekend afternoon.
Along with the beef, onions and garlic and other vegetables I added tomato pureĆ©, wholegrain mustard, beef stock and a little bit of soft brown sugar.

Autumnal colours, quite pretty I think.

Finally, this is it. I give you a beefy (should be beefy butternutty!) bundle of warmth. It is about 5 degrees outside, raining on and off, but something like this will certainly ward off any chills.

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