Monday, 23 June 2014

Belated Birthday Baking

In this post, I am going to share with you some things I baked for my mum's birthday. It is belated because her birthday was on the 7th of June. But anyway.

The first thing I made was Strawberry Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake Custard Bar Thingies... Okay so I can't remember exactly. But it was something like that. The bottom layer was chocolate brownie. The top layer was a sort of custardy cheesecake mixture with chopped strawberries in it. So really my title is quite accurate. I made them to take to her colleagues at work, and apparently they were very well received.

The second thing I made was a cherry almond loaf cake; the same as the one I made for Easter. My mum wanted this as her birthday cake because we never actually got to try any of the ones we made at Easter, as we made them for other people! And we both adore fruitcake. So it was a natural choice.

I obviously didn't decorate it like that for Easter, but apart from that it was exactly the same. My mum decided she wanted this pretty much straight after Easter. You might think that is in advance, but I think I have chosen mine already as well. My birthday is in January. Look out for a birthday Battenburg in six months or so ;-)

I also made brownies. Of which I took, literally, the perfect photo. But the other day I decided I would be organised and clear out the photos on my phone. And then deleted said perfect photo. It was a sad moment, as I wanted to keep it, due to the fact that I don't think I am very good at photography so I like to keep the photos I believe are good! But I think you all know what a brownie looks like. And who knows, maybe I'll also have some birthday brownies to go with the Battenburg. In six months, you'll find out!

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  1. I want some of that strawberry chocolate brownie! Custard and strawberries?! Give me! ^_^


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