Thursday, 27 September 2012

An Apology, an Out of Season Cake, and Chicken

A random combination, you might think. Well I'll explain, and hopefully all will become clear. First, the apology. I know I've been a but rubbish with posting lately, but I've been so busy moving into my university accomodation and getting sorted. I hope to be able to carry on blogging as regulalrly as possible, although it will mainly be the meals I make as I won't have much time for crafting!

Next the out of season cake. I haven't managed to take photos of anything recently, but I found a photo of what I believe to be an Easter cake when I was organising my photos. It's Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Easter Cake- sort of chocolate, meringue sponge contraption. Easy to make, and of course, absolutely scrummy!

Lastly the chickens. Not much explanation needed, they are some chickens I crocheted from a Nikki Trench book- Super Cute Crochet, I believe it was.

Now I must love and leave you, as my reading list awaits!

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