Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Clarence and Mr Jingles

Finally, a photo of Jolly Mr Jingles and Clarence, the Christmas Postbox! I would have finished Clarence a little while ago, but had a few problems with wool running out and having to unpick a large chunk of him.But other than those, in the grand scheme of things, minor issues, he was fun to make, and I'm glad I did it. He is shortly going to be tucked up safely in a box with Mr Jingles (who my mum made), ready for Christmas... which isn't actually that far away. Expect a fair few Christmas crafts and cookery in the coming months!

 And don't forget the cooking side of things! These are some good ol' chocolate chip cookies I made for a colleague's birthday. They are a recipe I tested from a student cookbook- I'm trying out as many recipes as I can before I go to university in two weeks time. They are everything a cookie shoud be; soft in the middle, slightly crisp round the edges, and sweet, vanilla biscuit interspersed with morsels of chocolate. I never thought I could make a cookie sound that poetic.

And for those who remember my last post about an abundance of prouce from our garden, this is one of the products of the produce. It's Pico de Gallo relish, made to a Mary Berry recipe to go with beef fajitas- although it's also delicious by itself. I used our homegrown tomatoes in it. They're sweeter than shop bought ones, which I think made the relish sooo much nicer. I think it's always worth growing your own if you can.

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