Saturday, 15 September 2012

Birthday and Cake

Not birthday cake, birthday card and completely separate cake. More about that later, first the card. It's another colleague's birthday tomorrow, so naturally I made her a card. Usually when I start to make a card, I rifle through my (rather large) card making hamper, choose an embellishment, a coloured pen, a paper (or something along those lines) and work around that. This time, I happened across two little presents I'd recycled from another card- pale green on a pink background. This is what spawned from them!

My mum and  I also made Welsh Cakes today.  We used a variation and put mincemeat in, as we had a jar that needed clearing up. Rather nicely, the amount in the jar was just the amount we needed. Very satisfying. We still kept the currants in. There's no such thing as too many currants. If you've never had a Welsh Cake, the best way I can probably describe them is flat little cakes about the size of a Scotch pancake, or Drop Scone. If that fails to spike your imagination, here's a photo.

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