Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Five (or fifty) a day

When we moved into our house in April, we found ourselves with a bigger garden, so we've now got a nice little veg patch. Well, what I mean is that we have various vegetable plants scattered around the garden, but the principle is the same! There are three or four each of blueberry and tomato plants, at least ten different herbs, and an Alpine strawberry plant in pots by the back door, a runner bean plant, four 'corn on the cobs' and a courgette plant. I think that's it. For a while, we had a lot of green tomatoes, but now they've all started turning red really quickly. Everything seems to be growing in sync, hence the fifty a day! Actually, everything except the corn, but it's getting there. Even when there are no vegetables, the flowers on the plants are really pretty, so it's a double win. Here are some of our crops!

Courgette flowers

The runt of the corn litter...

The place in our garden that most resembles a vegetable patch -three corn plants and the courgette plant.

The largest tomato plant

An intruder on the runner bean plant!
 Comomg up: A card that I'm quite proud of, and chocolate chip cookies

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