Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Charming Chachouka and Top Treacle Bread

As I got a steamer for Christmas, I have't been doing my one meal a week as much. I ususally do steamed fish and vegetables, but last time I had steamed duck breast, which worked just as well. It only takes 10-15 minutes so it is really quick as well, which of course I like. For several meals this week I am having Chachouka, which is a North African dish made with peppers, paprika, cumin and eggs. It is very similar to the Italian Peperonnata if you remove the spices and eggs.

Not the prettiest dish in the world, but it is good!
Last weekend, I also made treacle bread. I got a loaf tin for my birthday last week, which I was also excited about as I have quite a few things I wanted one for. I chose to make treacle bread over other breads because I have treacle I bought for my 2012  Christmas cake that I want to use! I didn't use any for my 2013 cake so I really wanted to find a use for it. I liked the method for the bread as well, because it doesn't involve kneading, just mixing the ingredient, rising and baking. Quite easy to fit in around work. The treacle taste isn't overly strong, it just gives the bread a nice earthy kind of taste. The texture is somewhat chewier than a normal bread... well not chewy chewy... it is hard to explain! Like a normal textured load with a bit of rye bread texture thrown in. I'm sorry, it's the best I can do! I will definetly be making it again. I love homemade bread, it is so satisfying to make- if you've ever made some you'll know what I mean.
I got a good bake on it as well, because it springs back when you squeeze it. I am very happy with the first attempt, so like I said, it will definitely be reappearig in the kitchen when this loaf has gone!

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