Friday, 10 January 2014

Freestyle Friday #20

Hello! I have been super busy with university work and Christmas over the past month. I'll try to post more regularly... I'm still busy but I'll try! This is quite a good post to come back on I think; a very successful Freestyl Friday.

The most experimental part of this really was the pancake type things you see under the poached egg. Instead of flour I used polenta/cornmeal (finely ground), and just added two egg whites and a splash of milk. When I first started mixing the egg whites and polenta, it just clumped and I thought it wasn't going to work. I stuck with it though and a few seconds of vigorous whisking later, I had a nice batter. I just added a splash of milk to loosen it a bit, although I'm pretty sure it would have been fine without. The buffalo mozzarella and serrano ham, I originally bought to make a salad to recreate an absolutely amazing one I had in Belgium last year. I did have the salad, but there were some left over... shame! Yes, buffalo mozzarella is a little more expensive, but I honestly think it is worth the price. It has much more flavour than other mozzarella, and it is so soft you can spread it. As it is so flavoursome, you don't need to use as much, so really, the price isn't that bad. The same goes for serrano ham, a little dearer than normal ham, but I think it is worth the price, and again, it is very flavoursome so you don't need a lot. And, I personally feel mroe satisfied by a smaller amount of something more flavoursome. Both are a case of quality over quantity. The egg, I poached as I would poach any other egg, and the only thing I did to the avocado was to dice it. A fairly simple tea, but it seems so much more than what it is, due to the quality of the ingredients I think! Just imagine if you had made this with a supermarket pack of ham and supermarket own brand mozzarella and you'll know what I mean... both have their place of course, and I'm not knocking either, but in a dish as simple as this where the individual components speak for themselves, you really do need the 'good stuff!'

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