Friday, 21 March 2014

Final Freestyle Friday #23 (For a while!)

As of Monday, I am officially on placement again. It has been split this time so we have Easter off, so I have it for three weeks, then two weeks break (in which I am going home) and then the other five weeks. It does however still mean that I won't be able to do Freestyle Friday for a while as I'm pretty sure that the type of work I'll be doing means I'll be in Monday to Friday. And to be honest, the last thing I want to do after getting up at half past four in the morning AND then getting back late, is to have to mess about in the kitchen. I do love to experiment and cook recipes, but in that situation it just isn't always enjoyable.

I do however have two things for you today to make up for it! I wrote a few days ago about some Thai noodle dishes I had made (read about them here ) I would like to continue with the Asian theme, but as those type of dishes don't keep too well, I will have to save them for the weekends for a few months. Anyway. I mentioned that rice noodles would make a good Pot Noodle. And today I tested that. And they do. All I did was to put some in a mug along with a mushroom a slice of ham ripped into pieces and some curry powder, then poured on boiling water. And there we have it. I enjoyed it, and so I will definitely consider it as a lunch to take with me to placement.

What can I say? It didn't photograph well. Don't let the mishy-mashy look of it put you off trying it though!
On the menu for tea was pizza, but not a normal pizza. I made the base out of a mini naan! For half of it I mixed some curry powder and tomato pureƩ, then added fresh coriander when it was cooked. For the other half, I melted a teaspoon of coconut oil then mixed it with some coconut flour for a Peshwari naan inspired... thiing. I can't really say it was pizza like, but it was certainly good.

To make them, I first toasted the naan a little bit so I could cut it more easily. Then I spread the tomato pureƩ on one and the coconut oil/coconut flour on the other. They went in the oven for literally two minutes to crisp around the edge, and then I put the torn up coriander on the tomatoey base.

As a side note, look at the size of this Medjool date I had today! They are totally delicious, and one on it's own is quite filling. So glad I have more in the fridge!

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