Friday, 30 August 2013

Freestyle Friday #15

All I knew about tonight's meal was that I wanted to use my mini frying pan from Ikea. My ingredients were eggs, ham, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Hmmm. Omlette? Much as I love omlettes, I didn't think it was very inventive for Freestyle Friday. Mini omlette egg wrap type things? Now we're talking. I've never had cooked cucumber, but nonetheless I chopped it and added it to a pan along with quartered cherry tomatoes and a smoked ham slice cut into squares.

I left it on the lowest heat while I made the mini egg wraps. I simply whisked the eggs with some black pepper and mixed herbs. And about half a teaspoon of sesame seeds, because I had some. Just because! When I tasted the tomato mix, I noticed it tasted a bit 'pizza sauce like', so I decided not to do wraps but leave the, flat as little egg pizza bases. Admittedly, it doesn't look much like pizza but it did taste a little like it.

Whilst I was eating it, it occurred to me that it would have been more pizza like if I had cooked the tomatoes separately and smooshed them on the bases to make a sauce. But I'd planned it, it wouldn't be freestyle, right?

P.s. I do have pictures, but technology has turned against me, so I'll get them to you asap!

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