Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sandwich in Stages

So, from the lack of posts for the past few weeks, you can probably guess that I've been at home. I don't know why I don't blog as much when I'm at home. I still cook! For ten days of it I was away though, so at least I have an excuse for some of it. First I was at a bike rally (where I got an unexpected barbecue!), and then I went to Germany on the back of my dad's motorbike with his friend as well so I wasn't cooking. Lots of fabulous food though!

I did change one thing slightly in the recipe. Well, modified really. My mum and dad went to Italy recently, but stopped at various other points on the way and on the way back, one of them being Dijon. And my mum got me some blackcurrant Dijon mustard! I used it in place of regular Dijon mustard. I didn't use much, so thought the flavour may get lost, but it didn't it; you could still taste it even with all the other layers!

 Anyway. The staged sandwich. It was a club sandwich with quote a few layers, hence the stages. Here we go:
Blackcurrant Dijon mustard on granary bread.

Roast beef slices.


On the second piece of bread, tomato pickle. Next time, I would add more as I think the taste could have been a little stronger throughout the sandwich.

Blue cheese, and then a sliced tomato on top of that.

The finished man-wich.
It was stacked quite high, but once I started eating it it sort of squished together so it was easy to get a bit of everything in every bite. The key to a good club sandwich (well, any sandwich with multiple fillings), is to make sure everything is spread evenly over the bread so you do get a little bit of everything in every mouthful. It was hard with the rocket leaves, but like I said, they did 'squash out'! 

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