Saturday, 31 August 2013

Two Pepper Pizza

As I am on placement for my university course at the moment, I have hardly any time to cook in the evenings, so I welcome days when I do. Today was one of those days, and I decided to make pizza and wedges. Everything was homemade, the base and sauce included. I would have grown the toppings if I'd had time...

I had sort of planned to do a Margherita pizza with basil leaves, but I noticed one of the topping recipes in my book had red pepper in, and I had some red pepper in the fridge. Fate. The other toppings were green pepper, mushrooms, mozzarella and spring onions. I actually used chestnut mushrooms as I was already buying some, but I doubt that it made a blind bit of difference. The only thing I would say about the recipe is that it said to grate the mozzarella. I was a bit dubious about this as I didn't think mozzarella would grate that well. I was right. It doesn't. I ended up with little lumps rather than grated pieces, but it made it easy to spread evenly over the pizza, so I can't complain too much.

I also made potato wedges. I was going to use a normal baking potato, but picked up a sweet potato on a whim. I didn't use a recipe per se, I just used the method that my mum always uses. Hers always turn out very, very well, so I thought I'd give the method a go myself. I did use sweet potato where she usually uses a white potato, but it still worked. The spice I used to toss them in before cooking was cumin. I'd use more next time, as although it seemed a lot, the taste wasn't that strong once they came out of the oven.

The wedges before they went in the oven. That little bit in the corner is the cook's treat ;-)

Toppings on, 12-15 minutes until pizza tiiiiime!
The top was also seasoned with black pepper and chilli flakes before cooking.

The wedges were perfectly soft with a slightly crisper skin (I didn't peel them as a I like wedges with skin on!), and the pizza base was crispy without being hard. The best part? The leftovers that I have to look forward to.

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