Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Riotous Rainbow

It took me a long time to choose this meal. As in 45 minutes of looking through recipe books. Leaning towards one recipe then changing my mind and leaning straight back the other way. But I eventually landed on this one- a lentil salad. I know, I know salad when the weather is cold, again! But this is, for want of a better word, a 'manly' salad. Big and beefy and filling. Well, it doesn't have beef in, it has gammon, but you get my drift... Anyway...

When I realised I had been looking at recipes for 45 minutes, I just went for this recipe because I was fed up- not of looking through recipes (I could never get fed up of that!), but with myself and my inability to make a decision. It was one I had earmarked, but I wasn't totally happy. It was tainted my all the undecisiveness. In the suggestions bit after the recipe, there were quite a few options to add in, including ham/gammon/crumbled bacon. I love gammon. And when I went shopping I just had a quick look at the gammon, as I expected it to be quite pricey, so I was very surprised to see little joints for £2 to £3! I looked through them all as there wasn't many, and picked up the cheapest at £2.07. Even though it was an extra cost, I think it was totally worth it as it made me happier with my meal and at the risk of sounding 'chef-y', I really think it contributed something to the salad.

My lentils, before I started cooking them.

The ingredients list simply stated 'finely chopped'. I sliced mine at a jaunty angle. Why not?

So colourful! Spring onions, tomatoes, a huuuge red onion and fresh mint. I kept the tomatoes quite chunky to add variety, as there were quite a lot of little and finely chopped things. There was a choices of herbs to add (parsley, mint, basil or coriander), and I noted them all down on my shopping list, and decided to just pick whichever one I felt like at the time. It just so happened to be mint.

The lighting really doesn't do justice to how colourful this salad was, I really wish you could see it! And that was another reason to be happy about the gammon, it just added another little bit of rainbow!
As it is my last week on placement next week, I am making biscuits to take in to say thank you. I started them today, but to save confusion I'll do a whole post about them tomorrow. 

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