Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sweet Potatoes and Salsa

As my mum and dad are visiting today, and I am off on Friday (so I can do Freestyle Friday!), I only needed four meals for this week. But for once, I didn't have any idea of what I wanted to cook! I don't really know how it came about, but I ended up baking four sweet potatoes, and making some salsa to go with them.

The salsa has onions, green pepper, tomatoes and chilli powder in. Of course, I tasted it while it was cooking, and it isn't that sweet... so I think it is the perfect counterpart to the sweet potatoes. To bake the potatoes I just stabbed them all over with a fork, stuck a knife into each one and put them in the oven at Gas Mark 6 for about an hour and ten minutes. Perfectly cooked, I have to say! They don't have a crispy skin, but I will look forward to that for another day.

The onions and peppers for the salsa.

All ready!

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