Sunday, 28 July 2013

Beautiful Biryani

I have a great love of Indian food, and this biryani is no exception. I came across it on one of my frequent looks through one of my cookbooks, and instantly decided that it had to go on my menu.

It may seem like a lot of ingredients, which may make it look complicated, but honestly it's not. As long as you are prepared, it's easy. And this particular dish was done in 40 minutes, including vegetable chopping and getting everything out. I actually think I could cut down on the time even more, as the vegetables were very soft. Now, I LOVE overcooked vegetables (strange? Maybe...), but in the biryani they could perhaps have done with a little more bite- but just a little. And not that this detracted from the deliciousness of the dish in any way.

The vegetables I used were sweet potato, courgette, broccoli and cauliflower, but you could use any 'quick cook' vegetable really. The suggested vegetables were courgette, mushrooms, peppers (and perhaps some others that I can't recall!) I also think butternut squash would work well, and I'm sure there are many other vegetables that would as well. Peas were also on the ingredients list, if you can spy a few in there and are wondering why I haven't mentioned them!

The rice and vegetables simmering in water.

This is onions and korma paste, which went on the top. I think this is what everybody thinks Indian cooking should smell like.

I just about managed to get a photograph before the steam overtook the lens! This is after the water had all been absorbed, and sultanas, toasted flaked almonds and yoghurt stirred in. The recipe actually says to use cream, but I didn't use a whole tub, and this way I have lots of lovely yoghurt leftover to eat

I have this again tomorrow- shame!

The final result. It is not what I would call a traditional biryani, but it was mighty tasty nonetheless. The onions in korma paste really stood out amongst the soft, warm pile of rice and vegetables- I would probably do more of them next time! This is the second vegetable biryani I have made, to a different recipe this time. I will make the other one again soon and write about it, then you can see which you prefer...

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