Saturday, 6 July 2013

Final Freezer and Felafel

The last few weeks have been quite busy, what with work and moving and what have you. But I just have to tell you about the last meal I made with the things from my freezer.

I ended up with a couple of random bits, like you do, that I had saved because I don't like waste and/or because I thought they might be useful one day! I had five stuffing balls, an egg white, some diced smoked bacon and some frozen mixed vegetables. I had the idea of a of bubble and squeak hash type concoction which I would cook in the pan, and then grill. I cooked the bacon first, and partly cooked the veg, then just added everything to the bacon pan and mixed it all up. Once it was all in the pan, it was clear one egg white wouldn't be enough to bind it, but I added it anyway. As it wasn't really 'sticking together' I only grilled it for a few minutes, just for the hell of it, as I knew the top wouldn't really go crispy, and hey, I was hungry... Anyway, it was absolutely delicious! Stuffing is one of my favourite things ever, and the whole thing was almost like a roast dinner in a bowl. Which is no bad thing.

From this... this!
And now for tonight's meal which is... Rough Felafel. I don't know whether smooth felafel exists, but that's what it's called! Quite simply, you just mash everything together, egg and flour it and fry. Chickpeas, spices, an onion. It is served with a pitta and veg, I was already buying cucumber so I just had it with that, also suggested were shredded lettuce and tomato. Next time I will try to try it with these as well! I personally feel that youneed the freshness of the accompaniments to cut through the carbs, but I'm sure it would be just as nice without any. The best way to describe it is as a kind of spicy chickpea burger in a pitta, but that really doesn't do it justice. I will definitely be having it again... although with what sort of accompaniment I don't yet know!

Extra felafel that wouldn't fit in the pitta (I destrpyed that but getting it out of the pan anyway!)

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