Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Choice Chicken Dish

The recipe I cooked for my tea tonight was exactly what it said on the tin- well, on the page. It is called 'Chicken Thighs with Sweet Potatoes'. Which it was. The only other main ingredient was a red pepper!

The recipe said for the chicken to marinated for half an hour if you have time... I had all day, so mine ended up being marinated for six and a half hours! The longer the marinating time the better, I think. Even though the chicken thighs were supposed to have skin on, I took the skin off mine. I don't think it affected the dish at all, the meat was very tender and soft, and hadn't dried out at all. After I had smooshed the thighs around in the marinade a bit, I left them what would have been skin side down, which probably helped a lot. When I was eating the chicken, I noticed a very very slight smokiness, which was rather nice even though I wasn't expecting it. I think it was due to the combination of the marinade ingredients, which were mustard, soy sauce and honey... a delicious combination.

I initially wasn't sure how big to cut the potatoes, as they were just supposed to be 'chunks'. But then I thought, the cooking time is only twenty minutes, so they must be pretty small to go soft in that time... listen to your recipe, people ;)

Doesn't look like much, but give it time...


Browning one side...
...and the other!

Very yummy, and very filling.

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