Monday, 20 May 2013

Chicken Challenge #3

Day three has arrived, and I'm pleased to say this one was just as successful as the last two. I did a Sam Stern recipe tonight; Thai-Style Chicken Salad. It really proved that salads can be filling! I got to use rice noodles as well, which I was looking forward to as I have never used them before. They were a success, I have to say. Along with the chicken and noodles were beansprouts, a red onion, a red pepper, spring onions, coriander and the dressing. The dressing was what I would call a fairly standard Thai dressing (fish sauce, caster sugar, lime juice, rice wine vinegar), but it was really nice, and the salad wouldn't have been quite the same without it. The recipe also wanted a red chilli, but as I can only seem to get them in packs, I used my red chilli paste, like always. If I buy the packs, they don't get used and just end up going off... and I hate waste!

 Like I mentioned, it was extremely filling, which would usually be good, but I haven't been hungry all day since I had a really filling breakfast. But I powered through because it was so nice, and just about managed to finish it. I loved the colours of it as well, really nice vibrant when it's such a dull and windy day outside!

The main ingredients

I have this again for tea tomorrow, so there will be no new Chicken Challenge. Don't fret though, you can read always read about days one and two to keep yourself amused. There will also be a craft post coming appearing, something which I haven't done for a while... so plenty to keep you going until Wednesday!

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