Sunday, 19 May 2013

Chicken Challenge #2

I know it is only the second day, but I am really enjoying this challenge! Read about how it started in Chicken Challenge #1. It is probably because I have had two extremely successful meals so far. Let me tell you about the second.

First let me tell you how I came to have the recipe. When I was last at home, my mum was clearing out the paper recipes that she'd collected from magazines over the years. One of the things on the castoff pile was a collection of sandwich recipes... I love a good sandwich. So I took it. There were several chicken sandwiches on there, but I picked this one as I was already buying one of the ingredients for another dish. That ingredient was pesto, and I really, really like pesto. So it had to be done! It was essentially an assembly job, which went like this.

I mixed the mayo with a little bit of the pesto, and spread that on one slice of bread. On the other slice went the rest of the pesto. On the first bit of bread I piled (literally, piled), leftover chicken, parmesan and rocket. And there should have been two tomatoes, but I forgot them! Then I topped it with the other piece of bread. I decided to use the crusts, because they are thicker than the other pieces, and slightly concave, so I thought it would hold the filling better. That is the only thing I don't like about some sandwiches; that all the filling falls out. Considering how well stacked it was, it stayed together surprisingly well, perhaps due to the double 'glue' of pesto and pesto-mayo on both pieces of bread. Anyway, I don't care how it stayed together. All I know was that it was divine. Definitely a recipe to write up!
Let the leftovers begin!

The base stone; pesto and mayo (although it does look a lit like mashed avocado...)

The end product... sandwich-ery at it's finest.

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