Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Freestyle Friday #15

I know this is a bit in advance, but I thought that as I've already made the meal, I may as well tell you about it. I had a pizza base in the freezer, as I quite often do, and I decided to use it in a slightly different way to normal. Instead of making a normal pizza, I made a calzone. If you don't know, a calzone is a folded over pizza... it is a bit like an Italian Cornish pastie really! Inside I had tomato pureĆ©, a little mozzarella, some jalapenos, and slightly more unusual, turkey mince and capers. I have had pizzas with turkey mince and capers on, but never together. But you never know. It could be the best combination I've ever had. Oh, and I also added one each of a shredded cos lettuce and iceberg lettuce leaf, and some peas, just because I like a bit of vegetables/greenery with all my meals if I can! The turkey mince was a portion I had cooked previously and frozen, but the peas I just put in from frozen, as they don't take much cooking at all... and I could see through the hole that they are cooked so it was clearly the right decision...

Yes, it's a bit messy, but I don't mind (too much!). It was okay until I streched the half without the filling on over the top of the filling to seal it. Maybe it was a bit overfilled, but at least it will be filling, and I didn't want to have all crust and no filling. Saying that, I like a large crust margin on my pizzas, and I always eat the crust at the end! I didn't know how long to cook it for, but I just trusted my instinct and took it out when it was this lovely golden brown colour. As the meat was already cooked I wasn't too worried, but I didn't want the dough to be raw. I know the dough is cooked, as I had to break a corner off to fit it in my tub! It smelled lovely when it came out of the oven, very pizza-like- I can't believe I have to wait until Friday to try it! 

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