Saturday, 28 September 2013

Freestyle Friday #16

Sorry if you're getting sick of posts about noodles... but I'm not. Especially ones with peanut butter in! Anyway, for Freestyle Friday with my noodles, I only needed to add one extra ingredient, which was an egg! I had only bought the eggs that day, but as I hadn't planned on using them for Freestyle Friday, it still counts. Well, I think it does!

What I made was an egg noodle... thing. I can never think of names for my dishes! Let me explain, and it will hopefully become a little bit clearer. To start with, I heated the noodles in the microwave to make them a little bit mroe malleable, so they would be easier to mix in the egg and shape. While that was happening, I heated a frying pan, and beat one egg. Then I just mixed the egg into the noodles and tipped the whole lot into the pan!

You can see that I rather messed it up getting it out of the pan, but it still tasted good! I wanted the noodles to go crispy originally, but I think the reason they didn't was because either because the pan wasn't hot enough, or the mix wasn't spread thinly enough. Or maybe both.
I have one more portion of noodles left, so I have another crack at getting them crispy. I have two ideas in mind, so I will try one of them tonight and let you know how it turns out...

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