Sunday, 15 September 2013

Ratatouille is Ready for the Week!

So I said on Friday that I was doing something different with my menu this week. Well, my menu is actually not very different this week! I am having the same thing every day. While I am at work, I don't have that much time in the evenings to prepare my food for the next day, so only having to prepare lunch instead of two meals will hopefully make things that little bit easier. And it is cheaper too! Now, I'm not saying I'll do this every week from now on, but certainly for the next five weeks while I am at work. My first experiment of mass cooking for a week is ratatouille.

Aside from a bit of chopping at the start, ratatouille really looks after itself. I have quite a few recipes for it, but this one served six, which is just how many servings I wanted. Some of the recipes were oven baked, but this one was cooked on a hob.

All this to chop!

All my vegetables chopped and ready to go. The tomatoes had to be skinned but even this didn't take up much time as I nicked a cross in the bottom of them and covered them with boiling water before I started chopping everything else, and just did them last. 

They only just fit in my saucepan! This created a bit of a problem at the start as I couldn't stir it very well, but once the bottom layers had cooked down a bit it was much easier. And all the pieces were evenly cooked, which I was glad about.

Everything is just about mixed in at this point...

See, it worked!

The recipe itself contained herbs (basil, parsley and thyme), and I decided to rip up some more to go on top as I had quite a bit left over. It was quite chilly here yesterday, and a piping hot bowl of this for tea was just right!

All ready for the next five days.
I was a little bit dubious about doing this as I like to get as many new recipes as I can ticked off in my recipe books, but like I said earlier, I don't have to do it every week. And I have a lifetime to try them all, so no need to rush!

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