Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Beautiful Butternut Squash and Blue Cheese

Tonight was a wonderful night. I had a dish I haven't had for a long time, which is completely outrageous considering how absolutely wonderful it is. It was, (drumroll please) Nigella Lawson's butternut squash and blue cheese pasta. That's not the actual recipe title but it wasn't on the photocopy my mum sent me and I can't quite remember it. And I used tagliatelle because the supermarket had no parpadelle (although the recipe does say either!). But that doesn't matter. All you need to know is that it's made of tender chunks of butternut squash simmered with onion and smoked paprika, then mixed with tagliatelle, sage, and crumbly blue cheese which melts quite delicously throughout the whole thing. And if that wasn't good enough, toasted pine nuts are sprinkled on top. Perfect for cold winter days like today. Quite frankly, heaven in a bowl.

Pine nuts toasting away...

Two bowls of heaven, one for tomorrow as well.

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