Sunday, 16 December 2012

Good Burnt Baked Chicken

The actual chicken itself wasn't burnt, don't worry! But you'll see what I mean at the end... Tea last night was Baked Lemon Chicken, which I put with some simple boiled rice. It only had a few ingredients, so was quick to put together. The 'glaze' for the chicken thighs was: lemon juice, soy sauce, oil and sugar. The recipe didn't specify a sugar type, so I used light muscovado as I thought the sweet richness would go well in this recipe. All I had to do was put each ingredient on the chicken, and then bake for 25 minutes. Couldn't be easier! Although I didn't see that the recipe said 'skinless AND boneless chicken thighs'... I would have skinned them anyway, so that was probably why I didn't pay attention! They still turned out okay, I just took the meat off the bone about half way through the cooking time.

The chicken turned out tangy and juicy, which was a perfect complement to the soft, plain rice. I would definitely have it again as it was also quite filling.

Cook's treat!
You can see how the glaze has burnt onto the tray! I left it to soak overnight though, and it came off quite easily this morning. Last night I also manged to scrape some up to top the chicken with- it was strong, lemony, tangy yumminess. Good dish all in all.
And to finish... I had a very nice sandwich for lunch yesterday of Christmas Chutney, brie, and orange. I meant to put some chicken and stuffing paste in, but never mind! It was really tasty all the same, and I didn't even remember until a few hours later.


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