Thursday, 13 December 2012

Cracking Cacciatore!

Last night and tonight I had a new recipe, Mary Berry's Chicken Cacciatore. And safe to say, it is on my definitely-do-again-and-again list. I loved it! The cooking time is quite long (10-12 mins to brown the chicken, 45 mins in the oven, plus prep and adding other ingredients etc), but it doesn't have to be attended to the whole time. The ingredients were chicken (obviously!), bacon, garlic, green pepper, onion, chopped canned tomatoes, capers, sage leaves, lemon zest and mushrooms. I think that's it!

The mushrooms do cook down!

I loved it so much I even based a tosted sandwich on it! I had some not very nice tomatoes I planned to put in a toastie anyway, so I thought, why not! For the chicken, I used chicken and stuffing paste... not quite the same but oh well! I didn't really have time to separately cook the chicken and bacon, but maybe another day as I have both in the fridge.

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