Monday, 18 February 2013

A Patriotic Post

Start singing the National Anthem everybody... I had Coronation Chicken for tea today! Well, Warm Coronation Chicken Salad to be exact. It was very very nice, I love all coronation chicken so that's not a surprise really.

The chicken was marinated in apricot jam, mango chutney and yoghurt (I think that's it!). Some of it was put aside, and was mixed with lime juice and zest for a dressing. Then it was simply a case of grilling the chicken and mixing it with the salad ingredients- salad leaves and mango! I did make one small addition though. I added raisins. You know I'm obsessed. But honestly, I do think coronation chicken should have raisins in!

It was also a very filling dish which is always a bonus.

Mango in disguise... can you spot it? ;-)

This salad would be delicious on it's own, the chicken is a bonus!

Look at that lovely char!

Nearly there...

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