Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cool Cookies

I have an extremely large amount of chocolate and sweets. Which is no bad thing at all, but sometimes you just fancy something homemade. I decided to make cookies for my colleagues, as that way I could have one (or two!), and not end up with lots of cookies to eat as well as the chocolate. I got a Rachel Allen book for my birthday last month, and I hadn't used it yet so decided on that book. And I have been wanting oat and raisin cookies for a while, so that was the recipe decided! And it meant I could tick off the very first recipe in the book. How satisfying.

There can never be enough dried fruit in the world (for my mum and I anyway!), so I will very much enjoy the cookie I try tomorrow. Plus they gave me an excuse to buy raisins. Raisins are always good.   I will let you know how they are received!

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