Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Cheerful Chicken

I called this post cheerful chicken, because the dish I made tonight was light, zingy, fresh and sweet, and it almost made me feel happy by itself! It was really quick as well, which made me even happier. The main part was Mustard Chicken, serve with leeks. I say the chicken was the main part, but the leeks were just as nice as the chicken! It was literally just a case of browning the chicken pieces, then adding sauce ingredients and stirring the yoghurt through just before serving. And the leeks can cook while you do all this! I used yoghurt instead of creme fraiche, as the recipe asked fore, as it's healthier, and for me it's cheaper!

This recipe was also good as it meant I could use this little bit of white wine that I've had in the fridge since befor Christmas... And it was pretty much the exact right amount! The sauce contained paprika as well, which I really like the flavour of. I used smoked paprika, but I don't think it would matter what sort you used. Also, this may be a childish thing, but I love to watch the meat change colouring the pan!

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