Monday, 25 February 2013

Sumptuous Slow Cooking

I have several things to write about, but the main event tonight is slow cooking!

 I used my slow-cooker for the first time today, and it was brilliant! Long story short, I was going to make Rancheros Pie, but I made Tuna Arrabiata instead (watch for the pie next week). The tuna was very nice though so can't complain. All the preperation was, was less than 10 minutes of chopping and frying, then it was  into the slow cooker and leave it. Then I just cooked the pasta about 15 minutes before I wanted to eat. The sauce itself was full of flavour, with just the right amount of spice.

The smell while this was cooking was already amazing at this point!

Good luck!

It is there, I promise...


Even though the slow-cooker have only used it once, I love it! I think you will be seeing a lot more slow cooker dishes on here...

Now let's backtrack to lunch. Last night I came up with a little concoction I wanted to try, stemming from the fact that I wanted some crunchy cereal but didn't have any. It was (get ready): porridge oats, chopped brazil nuts and dessiccated coconut (all toasted), chopped poached apple, raisins and a teaspoon of runny honey. Even though it was random and made up, I really loved it! I will definitely be having it again, and will be playing around with some variations. It would also be good for breakfast or just a really nice snack!

The nuts and oats just before they were toasted.

A lot of my favourite things in a bowl!
Moving forward again. Biscuits. I felt like making some, pure and simple. I chose Rachel Allen's 'Basic Cookie' recipe, because I had all the ingredients, and it meant I would be able to tick off the second recipe of the book in order, as I have only done the first so far (Oat and Raisin cookies, see them  ). I only had half the amount of butter, but accidentally added the whole amount of sugar, flour and ground mixed spice (the variation I chose). The spice wouldn't have mattered too much, but obviously the others did! Thinking on my feet I added a little but of oil. The mixture was still crumbly, but then I had the idea of compacting the mixture into my tablespoon measure and 'turning them out'... It worked surprisingly well! The texture is strange in a good way, a little chewy on the outside, shortbread type most of the way through and the teeniest bit cookie doughy in the middle! I am thinking of writing a recipe book after university, and these may have to go in... no idea what I will call them, but they were yummy anyway!

One last thing... my pot lid lifter. My mum made it as a surprise for me when I nipped home for a few days, as I used the one at home all the time and don't have one here. I love it, it is so useful!


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