Saturday, 2 February 2013

Freestyle Friday #6

You might remember the tofu fajitas I made this week? Well the ingredient list said tofu or portobello mushrooms, and courgettes. Well I got tofu and mushrooms, but no courgettes. Silly me. The fajitas were still good, but it meant I had 4 large portobello mushrooms to use up! And also some tofu, as I only used half a pack. Also needing using were various bits of vegetable I had, so I decided to stuff the mushrooms, 4 different ways. Number one was tofu mixed with curry paste, with a teaspoon of mango chutney on top. Two was chopped red onion and yellow pepper mixed with couscous. Three was more red onion and pepper, with spring onions and stir fry sauce. And four was capers and mustard... Weird, but they both worked well with the sweetness of the mushrooms.

With them I served the rest of the couscous that wouldn't fit in the mushroom, and carrot noodle pasta! I have seen in a lot of different places recipes using grated vegetables instead of pasta. As I have an excess of carrots, I decided to give it a go. It worked very well! As I have more carrots I'll definitely have it again. Next time I'll use the grate feature on my multipro, as it took quite a while to do just one carrot!

What I would change: I would cook the mushrooms a little bit first, or put the oven on instead of grilling them. Also, I would cook the carrot noodle pasta in salted water instead of plain.

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