Monday, 26 May 2014

A Breakfast Bap, Mini Muffins, Luxurious Lunches and Cheeky Chicken

If you have read my blog before, you may know that I like to 'healthify' things a lot of the time. However, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, sometimes only the real deal will do. My lunch today was a mixture of the two. I came upon the idea to have this because I saw that my local supermarket sold turkey sausages and I wanted to try them. I was also thinking about getting bacon for the pancakes, so I combined the two for today's lunch; the Breakfast Bap. When I went to buy the sausages though, they weren't there. I decided to push ahead with the idea and get some different ones. It was a toss up between healthy pork sausages or venison ones. I went with the pork ones in the end. I think either would have gone well, but I felt pork was more traditional to go with bacon. Keeping with the fillings theme of 'English Breakfast', I also added a tomato and an egg. The egg was poached, and the tomato, sausage and bacon were grilled. So healthier than a normal fry-up. The bacon, as I mentioned yesterday, was streaky... not so. But I had my reasons for choosing it! (To find out all about the pancakes and bacon, go to  ).

I nearly forgot to add the egg. But as I was using my nifty microwave poacher, it only took one minute, literally, to cook. I knew something was wrong when I was taking the photos, I just couldn't put my finger on it!

I put the sausage in the oven at the same time as I made... the mini-muffins! Luckily, they needed the same Gas Mark as I wanted to cook them at the same time. As it is my last week of placement this week, I made chocolate mini muffins to take in. I always make something to take, because I like baking and hardly ever get to do it. I made straight up chocolate mini muffins with chocolate chunks. I also added some chocolate glacé icing, as I didn't feel it would be sweet enough for most people... I have to say, my sweet tooth is fading, but I thought I would add the icing for the others, as that is who they are for!

From this... this...

... to this! Be jealous you're not on placement with me ;-)
My luxurious lunch for this week is a wholemeal pitta bread. Which doesn't sound like luxury. But with a filling of avocado, salmon, cucumber, lemon juice, cottage cheese and seasoning it is.

And the pittas were only 50p, which isn't in the luxury price bracket. But I'm not complaining at all. The cheaper the better! And I'm sure the pittas have doubled in size since the last time I bought some. Which again, is no bad thing.

For tea is Chicken Stripper. Ooh la la. It is another Sam Stern recipe, which I am certain I have cooked before, from another cookbook. But they are rather tasty, so that isn't an issue. They are also quite quick to make, which is a bonus in my book. The chicken is simply bashed flat and cut into strips, then tossed in seasoned flour (also with chilli powder), then egg, then polenta, before being baked for 10 minutes. Done. I chose to serve mine with some quinoa, as I wanted to have some last week but the shop didn't have any. For vegetables, a simple mix of peas and spinach. And a dollop of cottage cheese on the side, because seriously, I love that stuff.

Ok, not pretty. But looks aren't everything. Expecially not when it tastes so good.

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