Saturday, 31 May 2014

Quick Kebabs

I have to apologise now for the short post. But I have two exams next week so am knee deep in revision right now. Oh the fun.

But I couldn't not share my first post placement meal with you! It seems like forever ago I had a non placement meal, especially with the two week Easter break in the middle. For this momentous occasion I chose Lamb Kebabs with Greek Salad. There is a cute little Greek restaurant that I really want to go to. It even has lace tablecloths. I decided to recreate my own...

The meat was marinated in lemon juice and rind, garlic, cinnamon, dried oregano and seasoning. Then I baked mine as we don't have a working grill, but the original recipe was to use a barbecue... Waiting on the weather for that one!

The Greek salad was a traditional one of lettuce, cucumber, black olives and tomato. I roasted the red onion alongside the kebabs. I also added a courgette, as I am going home on Wednesday and I seem to have ended up with rather a lot of fresh food to be eaten! When the kebabs were cooked, I pulled the pieces off the skewers and topped the salad with them, then added a dollop each of hummus and quark (in place of Greek yoghurt).

I almost forgot, for the salad dressing I just used some balsamic vinegar and a some of the brine from the olive jar. I thought it was quite a good idea myself... But I would say that ;)

Ok, this post went on rather longer than I imagined... Ah we'll, back to work! I will have to share my 'procrasti-baking' with you as well, but for now, back to work...

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