Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Naughty Noodler and a Quite Brilliant Quest Breakfast

So. The dish I said I was thinking of for tea tonight didn't happen. It was going to be a pasta dish. But then my julienne peeler arrived yesterday, and I somehow ended up with a spare carrot. I had seen that the julienne peeler can be used as a cheat's spiraliser, and I really wanted a spiraliser! It was only a few pounds so I got it. But I only got about a quarter of a way through the carrot when it broke. I was sad. I did however still make a good dish. I took the time to do it properly rather than a rush wish I usually do.

I sautéed half an onion which I had left over with some curry powder, then added some broken up mushrooms into the pan, and at the last minute some torn spinach. I blanched what little carrot noodles I had and mixed the lot together. I will, however, not give up on my spiraliser quest!

Speaking of quests. I am more than a little bit obssessed with Quest bars. I love all the flavours. I limit myself to one every two days, otherwise I'd go through them waaaaay too quickly. Now. The other day on Instagram I saw a method of making a peanut butter sauce of just mixing hot water with peanut butter. I've done hat several times and topped my breakfasts with it, but then I had another idea. What if I made it really thin, used less milk, and used that mixture to soak the oats for overnight oats? I'm so glad I did. I took one half a spoonful and froze, my thoughts going QUESTBARQUESTBARQUESTBAR. I'd also experimented with mushed up defrosted frozen berries with some chia seeds for jam... Pb and j, one of the best combinations known to man. Peanut butter and jelly, Quest bar, oats. One breakfast. That, my friends is what you call a good dish.

I have been thinking of how to make the other flavours of Quest bars in this kind of way, keeping the base as the peanut butter soaked oats. I sense experimentation is in order...

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