Saturday, 3 May 2014

Pilaf Perfection

Hello! I realise that there has been an absence of posts lately. I can explain. I visited home for a few weeks, plus I started placement again a few weeks ago. I say this every time, but I am going to make a concious effort to keep doing posts whilst at home and on placement, because I really do enjoy writing them! And hopefully someone, somewhere, enjoys reading them...

So the posts aren't too long, today I will just tell you about what I made today. And tomorrow, as I am having the same meal for tea, I will tell you about some things I made at home. I have plenty of photos, so lots to choose from! I nearly always take a photo of what I make, with the intention of blogging about it, but it doesn't always happen. However, it does mean that I have a good lot of things to post about whenever there is a gap and I don't have anything to write about. So I may end up talking about things that I made weeks or maybe even months ago, but I don't think it really matters. I have the memory of an elephant, so all should be good.

So, without further ado, the main subject of the post, my tea. As you may well have realised by now, I have a habit of aimlessly flicking through recipe books. A lot. I have decided to stick to my student ones, as I want to do as many of the student recipes as I can while I am actually still a student! I was looking through one the other day, when this recipe caught my eye: broccoli and almond pilaf. I have obviously been past it many times before, but I think it jumped out this time because I was thinking about how much I like broccoli. Yes, I do have some strange thoughts sometimes.

I like pilafs, because I rice cooked this way (in stock) is totally different to how it is cooked in water... it's more 'juicy' somehow. I am a big fan of plain rice and pasta, I just like to try different things. As I said I chose it because I am a broccoli fan, but also because of the fact that is was topped with toasted flaked almonds. I also love nuts, so I think this dish was destined to be a success. I didn't buy the almonds ready toasted, I just got flaked and toasted them myself; the ones I got were 15p cheaper than buying them ready-toasted... hey, every little helps, right?

While eating this, I was also reminded of how much I like mushrooms. I mean, I know I like them, but... you know what I mean. I love that some food can be more than just a meal, it can remind you of memories and experiences, how much you like something, or inspire you to make something new. Speaking of which, I did get an idea for one of my meals next week from this dish- which I PROMISE I will make a post about! ;-)

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