Sunday, 25 May 2014

Steak Sandwich and Streaky Bacon

Another steak post... I know. But there were two in a pack so what am I supposed to do... Not eat it?! ;-) at home, we are big fans of steak sandwiches. We don't have them that often, they are kind of a treat. We usually have a big, juicy, grilled steak in a piece of baguette, for tea. Which is delicious. But I was having mine for lunch so I didn't want something so... Big. As you saw in my last steak post , my steaks are quite thin and flat, which was perfect. The bread I used was a wholemeal bad topped with oats, very lightly toasted. The steak was too large for the bad, but when I cut it in half it was perfect. I like to have some sort of veg with every meal, so I thinly sliced an onion and some garlic. I also put a teeny smidge of mustard on each side of the bap. Much as I like the simple baguette version, sometimes it's nice to snazz things up a bit!

Steak sandwich in a sandwich... Steakception?

That was the steak, now the streaky. I eat pretty healthily, so I don't have bacon very often, but I do like to have it every now and again. And I like my bacon crisp. Very crisp. The best bacon for crispness is streaky, so that is what I used. I have had bacon medallions from the healthy range of a supermarket, and they were nice, but more hammy than bacony. So they didn't really kill the bacon craving. I recently ordered some protein pancake mix from The Protein Works which I obviously wanted to try, and some pure Canadian maple syrup. Bacon, maple syrup and pancakes. What a combination.

Protein pancakes with maple syrup, plus cremated bacon. Just the way I like it. I am studiously ignoring my vegetable rule here hehe. Call it a Sunday treat!

And bacon craving is satisfied. I plan to use another rather tomorrow, and freeze the other 12. Yes, that's a lot of bacon, but it was the smallest pack available. And I wanted my crisp bacon. At least I won't be short should bacon cravings strike at an unexpected moment.

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