Saturday, 19 January 2013

Finally, Freestyle Friday #4

Sooo, Freestyle Friday has returned for 2013, even if it is a day late. I had quite a lot of vegetables this week, so I decided to make a stir fry. The vegetables I used were broccoli, mushrooms and swede. Swede might sound strange, but I thought if you can't experiment on Freestyle Friday, when can you! I just cut it into thin strips and added it at the same time as the broccoli. It was cooked just right, which I was of course pleased about. I also added a small piece of fresh ginger, also cut into thin strips. I didn't put the ginger in first, as is quite usual with a stir fry, but later, after the 'hard' vegetables, because I wanted it to retain it's fireiness.

The sauce was just one out of a jar, which I bought a while ago to use in a stir fry sauce recipe (yes, a sauce in a sauce, I know...) I was originally going to have it with noodles, but due to a large lunch, I wanted something light. But I did add a few broken up dried noodles that were at the bottom of the packet, just to add some texture. To 'top', the stir fry I made an egg roll, which was basically a one egg omlette, rolled up and cut into little strip roll things! It was filling, but fresh and healthy feeling, which I needed after this lunch...

Banoffee crepe with vanilla ice-cream!
I have to say, I never ever usually have a lunch like this, but everyone needs a treat now and then! Anyway, back to tea...

My egg roll in progress...

It looks like a lot for one person, but mushrooms cook down and it is only vegetables!

Super swede?

Super swede! See how the broccoli is getting nice charred brown bits on? The swede also did that after a bit longer cooking.


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