Sunday, 6 January 2013

Christmas Crafting

It's still technically Christmas today so I thought I'd blog about these now! First I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts of the festival period but you all know how hectic it can get- I loved every minute of it though! I also had early birthday celebrations, so I had quite a lot on! But anyway, here are my Christmas stockings.

I made the first two two years ago as a mini stocking for my mum (white one with black and gold) and dad (blue with a feather). I put a Roses sweet in each of them and gave them to them Christmas morning when I opened my stocking. My mum said she would like some as decorations, so I made a few more this year, and I plan to do a few every year from now on. Unfortunately the stocking photo won't upload, but I will post it ASAP! Here's an assortment of Christmas photos I captured on my phone instead!

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