Friday, 11 January 2013

Perfect Pots and Mastering Messicani

I mean potatoes, not cooking pots. Both me and my mum write pots instead of potatoes on our menus for the week, hence the title. I had one last night for tea, with... nothing. Usually I have something, beans, or tinned fish or something, but yesterday I let the potato shine! Just soft, slightly sweet flesh mashed with a teeny knob of butter, and a crispy skin. Which I saved until last, as usual.

Tonight I had messicani pasta with Christmas Chutney. Again, simple, but again, good. Somehow the shape made it more exciting, even though I'm sure it didn't impact the taste! I got the shape a while ago when I had a gift card (so a little extra to splurge!). Like one of my favourite cooks, Nigella Lawson, I love unusual pasta shapes, so when I saw them I had to have them. The chutney basically contains everything that comes to mind when you think of Christmas. Cloves, cinammon, orange, ginger, raisins, red wine. Combined with a great pasta shape... delicious.

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