Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Happy Hundred with Super Salmon

It is a happy occasion today... my hundredth post! I would have planned to make it about a cake or something... but I didn't realise until I came to write about this evening's meal just now! Never mind, this is still a great celebration meal!

I planned to have my salmon fillet from the freezer tonight, for no particular reason other than that I fancied it! With it, I made something I used to have a lot for lunch when I was younger. I made cous cous with cherry tomatoes. My mum used to make it for me, and I love it! I believe it may be a Nigella Lawson recipe, although I'm not entirely sure. It called for garlic oil, which I don't currently have, so I fried a finely chopped garlic clove in sunflower oil for a few minutes, which I think did the job just as well! The salmon fillet, I grilled. I would have steamed it... but I don't have a steamer. Not that it matters, as I like grilled salmon just as much. Acctually, salmon cooked anyway to be honest. Smoked... grilled... baked... steamed... anyway. The recipe for the cous cous used 100g, and a serving is 50g, so I have the other half for lunch tomorrow- just like old times!

Homemade garlic oil!


And after!

I love the way you can see it slowly change colour.

This looks absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself!

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