Sunday, 14 April 2013

Motivational Muffins and Tangy Tabbouleh

My friends and I have had a few exams this week. I was talking to my two best friends, and it came about that I would make them muffins if they revised. I don't mind, I kept one for myself! I have used this recipe before, and I mainly chose it because it has no icing. No icing, I hear you cry?! I do have to transport them to lectures tomorrow... along with another bag... on my bike... And muffins don't always need it to be honest! It is  a Mary Berry recipe, and I have had positive feedback from more than one source. I also had to buy yoghurt for this recipe. The cheapest tub they had was a 500g, and I only needed 125g so I had lots and lots left over which was a great added bonus! I love a good deal, and the chocolate chips I got were reduced to 15p... cheap muffins!

Yoghurty milky coffee mix... yum!

Dry ingredients...

Altogether now... on 2nd thoughts I'll just have this...

Ready to go in
While they were cooking, I had a special Sunday breakfast- one of my homemade bagels withe Nutella and banana, and a Nestlé cappucino sachet. Fabulous.

Hot hot hot! Just out of the oven.

Cool down session...

Mine! I haven't acctually eaten it yet, honest!
You may have guessed from the title, the meal I made for tea tonight was Tabbouleh. Easy to prepare, and not exactly quick, but time between steps. The soaking of the bulghur wheat takes 20 minutes, then you chill for however long you have, chop some veggies, stir and done! I called it tangy, because I used a lot of lemon juice, so it was very vibrant and citrus-y. The raw onion added to the tang, but was also a little sweet so not too overpowering. It was light but filling, which was good as I had some leftover Mexican Beef Salad for lunch (see that here!) which was very filling!
Ready to chill

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