Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Glamorous Greens and Toasty Tea

I am going to start with something I made a while ago, but didn't acctually ever post about- my green smoothie. I had seen green smoothies in many places on the internet, but had never acctually tried one. I happened to have an excess of spinach, so I thought it was the perfect time to have one! I went for a simple recipe to start, as I wanted to see what the 'original' was like before I started playing around! The ingredients were spinach, a banana, milk and about a teaspoon of honey. To be honest, it was probably sweet enough without the honey, but I do have a bit of a sweet tooth! It was really nice, and you honestly can't taste the spinach. I might have to accidentally (on purpose) end up with an excess of green veggies to try another...

Look at that colour! Fabulous. You must be green with envy...

Now the toasty tea. I bet you won't guess what it was by looking at the ingredients...

In the bag is cheese... no? It was... pizza! Well, pizza of a sort. I toasted the two slice of bread a little in the toaster first to stop them going soggy with the toppings. While they were toasting and the sweetcorn was cooking, I chopped the tomatoes quite finely for a 'sauce', and grated the cheese. Then I just added them in the order like you would do if you were making a pizza- tomatoes, sweetcorn, then cheese! It only took a few minutes under the grill, and there you have it, a quick solution if you fancy pizza but don't have one in the house, or the time to make one. You could also use tomato puree or ketchup instead of fresh tomatoes to make it more 'pizza-like', but I quite like the fresheness of the cherry tomatoes.
My toppings waiting to go on.

I was going to cut the bread into circles so they were more pizza shaped... but I forgot. Oh well. Next time!

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