Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Very Exciting Moment

Cooking tea today was very exciting. Other people probably wouldn't have found it so, but I did. Today, I got to cook with black beans! The supermarkets near my house have never stocked black beans, so sadly, we've always had to bypass recipes that used them. But now I've moved away to university, both the big supermarkets nearby stock them- along with all kinds of other exciting ingredients (but they're for another day!). I made a Black Bean Chilli, from a little student recipe book my mum sent me. It was very yummy, and I even had an indulgent teaspoon of creme fraiché on it! (Well, it was low-fat...!) It does look like more, but it went all lovely and melty when I put it one the warm chilli. If you come across a recipe containing black beans, this recipe also suggested red kidney beans or borlotti beans if you can't find them. I wish I'd have thought of them before...

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