Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Red, White and Green

No, I didn't get the colours of the Union Flag wrong. When I was making my lunch today, I realised that it was very red, white and green! I had a pesto omlette, with a few basil leaves and tomato ketchup, and then tomato soup. Which was a bit more orangey, but hey...
Not that appetising yet...

And after I ate tea, I realised that that was also keeping with the colour theme of the day. With a bit of purple thrown in, because it had aubergine in. I made Sam Stern's Bubbling Baked Eggplant, which I've had before (the recipe was ticked!), but couldn't remember. I also made the sauce this time, as opposed to using passata. It was very good, I can't think why I haven't made it more often! I also made one very small variation- using chilli infused olive oil instead of normal. It gave it a little tiny bit of spice to the sauce, and I think it was the right decision!

Look what a mess I made serving it!
There won't be any blog posts for a few days, as I'm having the leftover Special Rice and Tomato Soup tomorrow, and the leftover of today's tea on Friday. Do have a look at my earlier post if you want to see the soup!


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