Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Very Nice Venetian Stew

Two posts in one day! You lucky people. I would have written about this tomorrow, but it was so delicious I had to share it with you now. For tea, Nigella Lawson's Venetian Stew- an amazing mixture of borlotti beans, pancetta, raisins and onion, over cheesy polenta. I was going to use the other half of the borlotti beans to make a salad of some sort, but I think I'll make this again next week. It was lovely to eat a nice, hot bowl of something while there's a thunder storm raging outside.  It's that good. I even managed to get some photos of my Le Crueset style pot. Can't get any better!

P.s. I did take some more photos, but, once again, technology has failed me...

Look how steamy...

...look how yummy!

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