Tuesday, 23 October 2012

An Amazing Amalgam

Last night, I made Nigella Lawson's Venetian Stew again, which of course, I'd already blogged about. But last time the salt overflowed the spoon, so it was over salted. Which, as you may already know, is the one thing you can't correct in cooking! But it still tasted fairly decent, especially when paired with the stew. I also put the water on to boil at a better time this time (as I was using less due to halving the recipe), so the consistency was better. I just had to take a picture!
It looked more golden in real life, but the lighting in my kitchen isn't brilliant...
Lunch today was Sam Stern's Cumin Cauliflower, as I had some cauliflower left from Sunday's roast. It only takes 20 mins to bake, and less than a minute to prepare, so you could easily do it in the morning. I also had a special edition Muller Corner- the chocolatey orangey one. Delicious.
And finally, tea tonight was Special Rice Tomato Soup, from one of my student recipe books. I think I must be the only student with 13 cookbooks and a pile of paper recipes... It called for a handful of rice, and I used a portion size (50g), which I think was too much as it was a bit risotto like! I enjoyed it though, so I can't say I'm too bothered by it. And it didn't say to do a basil garnish, but I have a basil plant, and basil and tomato go so well together. I think it made the dish!

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