Sunday, 21 October 2012

Good ol' English Roast

My parents came to visit this weekend. I ate so much yesterday, cooking a roast today seemed a little bit mad! But I can always eat a roast dinner, and I haven't had one in ages. I can't even remember the last time I had one, with all the trimmings. I did what I could in my little oven anyway! I had a chicken thigh in the freezer, so that was meat taken care of. For veggies I had roast potatoes cumin cauliflower- not strictly English, but it was so good! I hummed and haahed over whether to have roasties or mash, but the potato was fresh, and dried mash keeps for ages, so I went with roasties. They could have  with longer to be more 'roast' like, but everything else was done. They were still good though. The cumin cauliflower was a Sam Stern recipe. I planned to have cauliflower anyway, but thought I'd give that a go. Glad I did. No roast dinner is complete without stuffing. Mine was out of a packet. I would have loved to make my own; that's not to knock packet stuffing though, which is still very tasty! All that topped off with gravy. And a Hotel Chocolat chocolate for pudding. Perfect.

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