Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Nice Noodles and Cool Curry!

Bad aliteration. But good food! For lunch yesterday, instead of the usual salad, soup or sandwich, I had noodles. I didn't use a particular recipe, just threw in some things I thought would be nice. So, I had: egg noodles, crunchy peanut butter, spring onion, stir fry sauce and chestnut mushrooms. Delicious. Only one pan to wash up as well, as I put the mushrooms in for a minute or two with the noodles. I've never cooked mushrooms like that before, but it worked quite well- they were soft, but still with a little bit of bite. As I have more noodles sitting in the cupboard, there might be some variations on this theme appearing quite soon!

There are spring onions in it, honest!
It doesn't look like much, but honestly, it was yummy.
And for tea, I made a Fruity Curry Sauce from the 'Essential Student Cookbook', and put it with some potatoes I wanted to use. It was a mix of normal baking potato and sweet. It was so filling, even though it was just one of each type of potato and the sauce! 
 As you may be able to see on the table, the bowl was so full it overflowed a little bit...

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